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If you could change the world....

A collage of interviewees for Us documentary.

 A Visual Survey Of Human Aspiration - this film aims to gauge if  all humans are fundamentally the same in terms of hopes and aspirations and if so what makes our beliefs about how to achieve them so different?

Calling all humans! We are looking for people to take part in this visual census of collective human aspiration.

Mike - Dutty Moonshine Big Band

"How would we get there?A change of heart, a change of mind,a change of thinking,a change of programming,a change of indoctrination, that's how"Skinnyman - Music artist

"Do the right thing,everyone do the right thingand then the world will change"Shifu Yanzi - Shaolin Monk

Us Collage Title pic_edited_edited_edite

The Questions:


What do you do to survive? 


Do you believe in a spiritual existence?


What drives you to keep going?


How would you like the world to be

if you could change it to your imagining?


How do you think we can achieve that world?

Michael Caines MBE

Told through interviews, we invite people from a vast array of socioeconomic backgrounds, the young, the old, the homeless, the CEO’s, the key workers, the politicians, the celebrities, the teachers, the inmates, the judges, the wealthy, the impoverished.


A wide cross section of human society will be essential to gauge if there are any common desires that connect ‘Us’ regardless of background and opportunities.


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